Eight Great Wedding Cake Designs

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Posted on: June 14, 2009

With so many different wedding cake design options there are out there, it may get a little confusing when it comes to decision time.  We find it helps to think in terms of styles at first and then narrow the specifics later.  In this article, we have put together eight great wedding cake styles we think are beautiful and that you and your guests would enjoy.  When choosing your wedding cake design, as with all aspects of your wedding, choose a cake that compliments the general theme of your wedding.


We think the floral cake is the classic wedding cake style that instantly evokes romance.  This beautiful hydrangea cake is from Flour Fancies in Toronto.

wedding cake



When we think of a modern wedding cake, we think of clean lines and minimalist design, just like in this stylish pearl wedding cake from Flour Fancies.

wedding cake


We love the elaborate scrolls and flourishes on the following cake from the Martha Stewart Weddings website. 

wedding cake


Some couples choose a wedding cake with asymetrical tiers and a more whimsical, fun-loving look, such as the example below from Kathy Dvorski Cakes in Oakville, Ontario.

 wedding cake


This is a great example of a “gift-wrapped” wedding cake from The Cake Box in Riverview, New Brunswick.  That is to say, a wedding cake that has been made to look like a gift, which we think is a great theme.

wedding cake


If you are going with an Asian-inspired theme for your wedding, check out this bamboo and orchid cake from Kathy Dvorksi Cakes.

wedding cake


Another pretty design is to have fruit decorations on your cake, as in the cake below from Martha Stewart Weddings website.  You can even extend this fruity theme to some more elements of your wedding such as centrepieces, wedding favours, etc.

wedding cake


How about a cake that reflects the season you are having your wedding in, like the one below from The Cake Box?  This is an easy and effective theme for not only your wedding cake but your whole wedding.

wedding cake


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